Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tigers Asked about Darwin Barney of Cubs

If you know me all I care about is getting better pitching, but of course I know we need a better 2nd baseman as well. These are small moves to me and just expected with little in trade pieces needed to make them happen. I expect these to be easy trades to make and get done without much trouble. SP on the other hand I want Greinke. I want another elite SP. I always want another elite SP. At this point we have the right mix to get it done too. We have 2 MLB ready SP I am willing to deal in Porcello and Scherzer. Not both obviously, but one of them I would very likely do in a deal that got a guy like Greinke, or Hamels. Plus we have Turner our top prospect and Castellanos that can be added to any deal for an elite SP to get it done. Best of both worlds for trade partners. Porcello is a much higher value in my mind for his age and his potential still. For the Brewers I am looking at Greinke and Weeks in a deal, but I know this will never happen. As for Barney. Sure...he's better than what we have. He's a utility guy that can play all over. He can hit .270+ which is a huge upgrade. He's a good fit. Make it happen. No complaints for me to pick this guy up. I was into Garza for a while, but he has been a bit less than stellar the last year or so. I I heard Dempster mentioned as well, but consider him a waste of time. H'es really not even an upgrade and he has never pitched as a SP in the AL: before. Not worth it. The sooner we have Raburn out of here looking for a new career that requires the purchase of scrubs online, the better.