Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Floyd Reese Interviewed by Huge

Floyd Reese, former GM of the Tennessee Titans was interviewed by Bill Simonson on the Huge Show today and still claims he wants the Lions GM job. I believe Audio for the interview will be up later tonight. Just nothing available to post now.

A brief synopsis of his interview was obviously that he sais he would sign on today if they called. He said that he is also avbailable to be a consultant for the team to help them make the decisions.

HE and Huge discussed the idea that the Lions need to get someone in place to evaluate the team now. Not wait until the end of the season when they are looking at so many other things and don't have the time they need to get it done. Ford initially said that the positions were sort of in a work holding and that they would evaluate the sitution at the end of the season.

Floyd went on to say that he believed there was never the opportunity like the Lions have now to actually evaluate the team WHILE the season was going on and that it was silly to hold off until the end of the year.

He pretty much sounded like he was interviewing for the job today by telling about all his experience at all levels of the NFL. From trainer all the way up to the GM. HE said that he had the ability to talk to players at any position because he has coached for every position. He knew how to deal with any player that needed to be dealt with.

Asked what his first move would be with the Lions? He skated around it a bit. He said that he would evaluate every single thing football realted to the team. He also said that he couldn't tell you one way or another whether the Lions had talent to win games. He would need to evaluate the culture of the team more and see what kinds of issue everyone was dealing with to make decisions.

Mooch was interviewed there last week and said something about how he had to battle Millen on who he could play, and didn't really get any input into players he wanted to go after. It was Millen's call. Reese said that on field things are for the coaches. Ultimately personnel com e down to him, but coaches are the coach and they make the gameday calls for who plays. He said that he was supposed to get the players to succeed and the coaches were supposed to use them how they are supposed to be used.