Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking for a new motorcycle helmet

One of my buddies just bought a 2010 Yamaha YZ450F and is now pretending that he is a serious motocross champ. Since I'm a nice guy I figured I would get him a couple new motorcycle helmets so he can at least look like he knows what he is doing. Thinking I might go with something rather plain that matches the white and blue of the bike for the pro look, and then something that makes him look like he is a motocross hero, striking fear into all of his (imaginary) opponents out in his back lot that he dumped a few tons of dirt into.

That's right...he decided that he was going to turn his back field into a motocross course with absolutely no idea how to go about it. Right now his course is consistent with what most would call a "pile". The dirt has sat there since May and hasn't been moved. He hasn't even bothered to look into any equipment to rent to start on the job.

Anyways, to help with the motivation a little I am going to pick up a couple motorcycle helmets and then tell him that he can't use them unless he gets rolling on the track. Either that, or I have myself a couple motocross helmets I won't let him use, but I will let him watch me ride his bike around his dirt hill.