Monday, October 12, 2009

Lions actually hang with Super Bowl Champs

A game that many thought would be a complete and utter blowout wasn't actually half bad. The Lions kept the game close and literally had an opportunity to send the game into overtime trailing 28-20 in the final minutes. The horrible offensive line decided they were done for the day, however and let Culpepper get sacked 3 straight times to go from inside the 30 to outside the 40.

The honolulu hawaii blue, were able to hold them in check on offense, but ultimately the Pit D took control when it needed to.

Worst play of the day: Ben Rothlesberger threw an interception early in the game. The referees called a personal foul saying that it was a knee hit. The call was absolutely horrible. Pit ended up scoring a TD after the penalty. Game over.