Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank the NFL Gods For the St. Louis Rams

Week 17 of the NFL season has come and gone, but the Lions didn't end up with the #1 overall pick. A Rams win that last week would have given it to us,and they proved that the only team in the league they can beat is the Detroit Lions.

The Lions had a shot to win their last game, but we all knew that was never going to happen. The Lions at least don't have to pay anyone #1 draft pick money this year, but #2 money isn't really that great of an option either. It IS still better than #1 money though. Especially after paying it out last year in record numbers.

So...what have we seen in the last decade? 7 Top 10 picks, and the 8th coming this year. We have had a #1 pick, two #2 picks (3rd this year), a #3 pick, a #7, #9, and #10.

Of all those picks what we have left is:

#1 Pick Matt Stafford from 2009
#2 Pick Calvin Johnson from 2008
#9 Pick Ernie Sims from 2007

Sims may lose his job to Levy a 3rd rounder from last year at some point.

While this is all terrible, it doesn't even come close to the disaster that the picks from the 2nd, 3rd, and later have been during the decade. Millen made picks in the latter rounds that were so bad, and took players so early that it set us back way more than any of those top 10 picks every could. It destroyed any chance to have depth, or even starters through the draft.

Last year I think many of us were happy overall with the draft. While the Pettigrew pick ias the 2nd 1st rounder last year was ridiculous for an 0-16 team, many others were very good picks. Delmas in the 2nd round was on of the top rookies this season, and probably the best defensive player on the team. DeAndre Levy at LB in the 3rd round made a name for himself this year playing part time, and eventually starting regularly for Ernie Sims. You could argue that Levy had a better year than # 2 overall pick in the draft Aaron Curry, whom many wanted US to draft over Stafford (idiots).

Derrik Williams is a bust. AT least to this point as our other 3rd round pick. Taken to play WR, and to return kicks. HE did neither well. Maybe he will do better later, but he didn't show much this year when he was expected to step in as the starting return man after the draft. We needed that to work out badly.

Sammie Lee Hill (DT) had a rather good year for a rookie, but nothing that blew us away. HE isn't a stud DT by any means. More of a rotational guy, but for a 4th rounder and a big body it is hard to complain too much.

Aaron Brown the RB out of Texas Christian in the 6th round had some big plays this year. Showed he is fast and a great change of pace back. Never going to be a #1 most likely, but could become a decent compliment to a horse back at some point.

All in all, comparative to past years a lot of these guys actually saw the field for the majority of their rookie seasons. This is something we have not seen in the past decade. Most of the draft picks of the past decade were probably working at circuit city before their 2nd year in the league. We might acctually have found a few legit starters, and depth guys in that draft.

Now...we need to see what Mayhew is about to do this time. We need defense, defense, and more defense. Not to mention about every other position on the field besides QB. Our 1st pick is going to be a big name defensive player there are not many doubts. Suh, Berry, or if we go wild and go OT instead finally. Doubtful we go OT, but it is still a need since Backus still sucks and Gosder isn't any good either.