Saturday, April 14, 2007

My battery is dead

Thought I was having problems with my alternator that I just got replaced last month and come to find out it was just my battery. I'm such a non-grease monkey so any mechanic could rob me blind. So my buddy came over to take a look and told me I hadn't gotten ripped off, but I did need a new battery after he tested it with some new fangled device I had no idea what it was. At least I didn't have to take it in anywhere or get it towed. Saved me some time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

He Did it Again!

Tigers fans that watch games on Fox Sports Detroit know exactly what has just happened when they see that title. I'd love to post a video of Rod Allen screaming this out from when Monroe blew a 9th inning homer out of the park in Yankee stadium from last year and going WhoooooooooooWeeeeeeeeeee, but the jerk off at the MLB and Youtube took my video of the even down for breaking some sort of copyright violation. Jerks.

Well, Craig did it again! This time against the Orioles in a 12 inning snoozer. The Tigers loaded the bases and Craig hammered a Grand Slam out of the park to give the Tigers a 4 run lead and eventual win. Game wasn't on Fox Sports Detroit today so there are no great Rod Allen sound clips, but a hell of a win none the less. A win today and a look at some Las Vegas Luxury Condos tomorrow ;).

This Guy is Obnoxious

I know most of you PPP people hate this guy so you should have no problem voting for his blog as the Most Obnoxious in the Blogger's Choice Awards.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Immigration Lawyers Vancouver

What do you do if you are in Canada and need Immigration Lawyers Vancouver? First thing you should do is take a look on the internet and find lawyers that actually are ready to help you deal with the complex Canadian court system. Something I'm sure you are completely unfamiliar with if you are from the U.S. These lawyers specialize in Immigrations policies and are easy to find from this directory.

Tigers need some hitting man

These games are getting boring. Seems like the whole team is just sucking so far. Pitching has been pretty good, but the hitters are getting abused by guys like Duckworth, Jared Wright, etc. Only getting runs from the bullpens of the other teams. Good thing our pitching has held up. I guess these guys can't take the cold yet after just getting back from their Florida rental vacation down in Lakeland for Spring Training.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Power Nap and be More Productive

I remember hearing from a friend that Benjamin Franklin used to sleep for 45 minutes every 2 hours. I still think he is full of it, but what about power napping? Many believe that napping during the day makes it too difficult to actually sleep at night. Well it would if you took an hour or 2 nap and then tried to sleep at night, but this article doesn't suggest that. They suggest the 20-30 minute power nap to increase your productivity.

I know I often sit here with my eyes droopy and stay awake just because I need to get things done, but why? What if I did just lay down and take a power nap? How much faster could I get some of this stuff done? My problem has always been getting to sleep once I decide to. Some tips in the article may help. In fact I may just go lay down right now and take myself a well deserved nap.

101 Ways to Save One Dollar A Week

There are easy ways to save a dollar here and there if you can just think of them. With a few small changes you can save money very easily. The article in the link tells of 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week. No the entire article isn't going to save you just one dollar a week, but could save you quite a few dollars.

Simple tips to save a buck here and there could be the difference between a vacation at the local park, or a cruise in the Caribbean this year. Almost all of these tips are so easy and no-brainers that you will wonder why you are wasting so much money right now. Very interesting read and it will save you some cash I'm sure. This stuff is really easy to do too. You just have to be more conscious of it. Start off with a few and see the immediate results. Add more as you go and get them into your habits and you may save yourself a couple thousand dollars a year just because you thought about these tips.