Friday, June 01, 2007

Math and Fat People

You ever wonder how many people you could fit into your car if that car were 20 cubits by 11 cubits and each person weighed 9 pounds, plus 12 kilograms, minus 4 ounces? I have and have come to the conclusion that I really do not care, and that I may be mentally challenged. It really doesn't matter though. If I was going to think about what I was posting right now I wouldn't be posting this about the quick blogging post I just read and I wouldn't be trying to put enough words in this post to make sure it looked like a Wall O' Text. Yes...this post truly makes no sense. I didn't even mention fat people. There it is. I suppose I should mention the wii. It only makes sense that I do. To me. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Build Your RSS Subscriber Base

Another great day, another great list. This one is to help you get more RSS feed subscribers. You subscribe to everyone else and they subscribe to you. The blog was added originally on Internet Serious Business, you will want to make sure you comment on the original post after you publish the list on your blog in Step 6. Then anyone who misses you on their tree will be able to subscribe to your site as well.

***Start Copying Here***

1. Create a post and link back to the person that put you on the list in the first paragraph with a brief thank you and description of why people want to use the campaign. DO NOT copy their paragraph. Write your own unique one and link to their site.

2. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds and create an OPML File to import into your feed readers so that you can subscribe to all of the blogs on the list. You will want to read my post entitled Mass RSS Feed Subscribing with an OPML so you understand how to do it. (You will want to copy this link over to your post so those you add know how to do this too.)

3. Copy the ENTIRE list of Feeds AND blogs and put them into your post like they are here. Move the "My Adds" from the blog that added you into the "Originals" lists for each. This list is unique because I want you to be able to copy the feeds with out having to delete the blogs before making the OPML file so I separated the two links into 2 lists.

4. Add any blogs you want to the list with whatever keywords you want. Then get their RSS Feed and add those to the list of Feeds in your "My Adds" section.

5. Publish your post.

6. Comment on the post that originated the list here so that new additions can be subscribed to as well by the lists before yours.

My Blog Adds:

Automobile News

Original Blogs:


Pray for Mojo

Detroit Sports

Steven Lorenz

Sir Post A Lot

Celeb News
John Chow
Whatever I Feel Like

Tricia's Musings

Ugh!!’s Greymatter Honeypot

A bit of this and a bit of that

Wordpress Plugins

Internet Serious Business

Julie's Journal

Utterly Geek

jon lee

Pencil Thin

No Average Mom

Marisa's Dandelion Patch

Scribble on the Wall

The Sovereign Journey

Digital Nomads


Mr. Gary Lee

Windows Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Get a First Class Degree

SiteLogic Web Development

Geeky Speaky

Little America

My RSS Feed Adds:

Original RSS Feeds:

***Stop Copying Here***

Billups Throwing Games?

This guy has been terrible in this series against the Cavs. Thought that he may have been on his way to getting back into the game yesterday when he had 18 in the first half, but he clearly was chucking and throwing the ball away repeatedly in the 2nd half. He made some of the worst mistakes of the game in the final 3 minutes, such as chucking up an off balanced 3 when they were down 3 under 2 minutes. Turned the ball over several times and is just playing like he is on his way to finding an Orlando vacation home sooner than later. His assist to turnover ratio is laughable. He has been one of the best in the league with this ratio for the past few years, but has become insanely sloppy in this playoffs. Just not sure what else to make of the guy except that he could be throwing

HE is looking for a new contract this off season and it is said that he will likely get close to a max deal. I guess he really wants out of the D or something with his shotty play.