Thursday, November 22, 2012

Jim Schwartz Throwback: "Learn the F***ing Rules!"

It's time for Coach Jim Schwartz to take his own advice apparently. After costing the Lions a huge Touchdown today with his inability to remain in control, we have to look back at Schwartz telling the referees how to do their jobs. This is nothing new with Schwartz. He's just not a good leader, or a guy that can maintain his composure from the time I have seen him here. The team is the exact same way and is a reflection of him. The amount of mistakes and miscues this team has can be seen in their head coach as well. Someone that I would complain about having to sell real estate louisville next year instead of coaching the Lions.

Wouldn't Be Thanksgiving Without a Lions Loss

Another Turkey Day game and another Lions loss. This one was an overtime loss 34-31 against Houston in which the Lions gave up a touchdown after a guy was down and then running about 60 yards. Because of a ridiculous rule in which all scoring plays are reviewed, throwing a challenge flag makes the play unreviewable. Coach Schwartz, with his lack of composure and knowledge of the rules, threw the challenge flag on a play that shouldn't have counted. The Houston RB was clearly down, elbow and knee, but no whistle. So he gets up and runs another 60 yards for a TD. BUT...since Schwartz threw the challenge flag on an unchallengable play, within the rules the play could no longer be reviewed. Blind referees, and a coach that can't control his rage cost the Lions a TD and pretty much turned the game around after they were sitting pretty with a 10 point lead. Even the geeks in the baby phat lab coat couldn't argue that the rule was asinine. After that it was just a matter of time before OT, and a plethora of mistakes lost them the game. Officially I think you can call this season over. At 4-7 they would have to win 5 straight just to sniff a playoff chance.