Thursday, May 17, 2007

Favre now expected to attend Packers minicamp

Oh NOES! Did anyone really think they would let him leave anyways? Favre was saying yesterday that he wanted to skip mini-camp because he wouldn't be doing anything there anyways and he could work on his daughter's graduation. He also asked for a trade earlier that no one took seriously. Why would they? The Packers will never let him leave anyways.

Favre is great and all, but the Packers seem to just be waiting for him to retire and are in perennial rebuilding mode until he does. Was hoping they would trade him to the Lions so he could set the TD and INT record in the same year. Perfect place for him to do it too. Detroit is the king of bad records. Even the Cleveland Browns and their fans that bring dog supplies to the games for their Dawg Pound think the Lions are a joke.

Dirk Wins the NBA MVP

Like nobody saw this one coming, but it is still hilarious. The Dallas Mavericks were the best team in the NBA all season winning an incredible 67 out of 82 games this year. Dirk was the star so you give him the MVP.

Then it comes to the playoffs and they get bounced in the first round. This was the first time a #1 seed has lost to a #8 seed (lowest playoff seed) in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors owned the MAvs all season long and only losrt to the MAvs once.

Even so...Dirk wins the award for his regular season and the playoffs make no difference. He held off back to back winner Steve Nash from winning his 3rd straight league MVP, and you could argue that he deserved to win it again.

If Dirk doesn't learn how to win in the playoffs he will be selling Portable Water Filters to make ends

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This is where my fantasy team is so far...

The league I'm in is over at CBS and we have had it together for 4 , maybe 5 years now. We keep 5 players every year and trade during the of season if we so choose. So this year I had some pretty good keepers going in, with a few extra early round picks in the draft. I kept. Albert Pujols, Ichiro, Matt Holliday, Carlos Lee, and Travis Hafner.

Normally I would have made quite a few trades by now, but I've only made one at this point. I traded Lee, Jason Hirsch, and Andy LaRoche for Hideki Matsui, Ben Sheets, and Torres (Pirates closer). Seems to be working out OK. Sheets had a nice game today. We paid to get in the league so we win some cash and a house marker, or trophy or something if we take the league.

Here is my current squad:


Posada, Jorge C NYY
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL
Lugo, Julio SS BOS
Hardy, J.J. SS MIL
Holliday, Matt LF COL
Matsui, Hideki LF NYY
Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
Blalock, Hank 3B TEX
Hafner, Travis DH CLE
Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN
Ibanez, Raul LF SEA
Thomas, Frank DH TOR


Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN
Harang, Aaron SP CIN
Sabathia, C.C. SP CLE
Buehrle, Mark SP CHW
Lilly, Ted SP CHC
Owings, Micah SP ARI
Sheets, Ben SP MIL
Zito, Barry SP SF
Jenks, Bobby RP CHW
Okajima, Hideki RP BOS
Torres, Salomon RP PIT
Wheeler, Dan RP HOU

This guy is on the DL which is why I have that Boston relief pitcher until i find someone else.

Tracy, Chad 3B ARI

JJ Hardy from the Brewers

Where did this guy come from? I've been riding him all year now in my baseball fantasy leagues and he is just pounding the ball. Got him off waivers as a back up for Julio Lugo, but he is playing too well to bench. I actually started playing Lugo at 3rd because I've had some injuries so it works out well.

People are burning up their network cables to trade me for the guy right now, and I guess i should make the move if someone wants to give me a stud for him. This can't hold up. I may swindle someone out of a #1 pitcher with this guy somehow. I can live with out his production, but i will be very happy to stockpile pitching for the 2nd half I can trade for some stud bats.

HArdy is doing this (through 164 ABs on May 16):

53 hits, 13 HRs, 39 RBIs, 28 Runs, .371 OBP, .629 SLG, and a .333 average

Look out A-Rod. This guy is the true Fantasy MVP so

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Spurs Playing Dirty

They got a win against the depleted Suns last night, but the Suns are getting screwed in this series. Most think the suspension of Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw was silly considering they didn't really do anything. They were both suspended for a pivotal Game 5 just because they took 5 steps down the sidelines to look at what happened to Nash when Robert "Big Shot Bog" Horry gave Nash a forearm shiver to the dome in Game 4. 2 starters suspended for the Suns, while the Spurs lost a bench player who started the whole thing.

This wasn't the first time int he series that the Spurs have gotten dirty. Bruce Bowen has been playing like he is Ron Artest by kicking Nash in the groin in front of millions. What happened to him? Nothing. The Suns, and specifically Amre have been whining about the dirty play though so I guess they get the brunt of the suspensions.

The Spurs have always been, and even more so now, are big floppers. Manu is such a punk. Worst flopper in the league. Tim Duncan looks quiet, but he is a real whiner too.

The Spurs should be ready to lose the series and spending time making use of some truck accessories with their toys now instead of leading this series. Just another reason why I am so sick of the NBA.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pistons on vacation Already

So the Pistons go up 2-0 in this series and find themselves getting blown out in Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs against the Bulls. They overcome that deficit to win and go up 3 games to none in the 7 game series and everyone figures the fat lady is getting off her ass to sing a song while Da Bulls are making reservations for Pigeon Forge vacation rentals. Then Game 4 the Pistons get down 20 points again and just give up.

So you figure it is Game 5 and they are back in Detroit they will just want to get this one over. Apparently not. They let the Bulls shoot 72% in the first half. 72%! That is unheard of. They quickly get down 20+ points and decide they will try and play for a little while, but the pesky Bulls shut that door quickly. Instead of a 4 game series they now have to go at least 6 games. The way they are playing they may be looking for a vacation package soon.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Roger Clemens is Your Hero

$28 Million to play half a season for the Yankees. On top of that he doesn't have to travel with the team when they go on the road if he isn't scheduled to start. This is almost as good a deal as Larry Brown got when he coached the New York Knicks of the NBA to a 2-243241 season for $10 Mil and then just quitting. Then he got bought out for his last 4 years or whatever it was for another $40 Mil or some obnoxious number. $50 mil for not doing your job.

What about Matt Millen, the Detorit Lions GM? He has won less games in his tenure than the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans are an expansion team established in 2002. Yet, the Fords (who are running everything into the ground lately) decided to give him a 5 year extension just 2 years ago. He has drafted 4 Wide Receivers in the last 5 years in the first round. A QB that like to play the piano and throw 2 yard passes on 3rd and 8. He has a record of 24-72, which is by far the worst in the league over that time.

Then people are whining about Roger Clemens raping the Yankees. Hey, at least this guy is effective and helps a team win. Pay the man. He's a Hall of Famer already and still getting fools out. Give him some Studio RTA Furniture and keep it coming. This guy has more trophies to display than Britney has pock marks.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Broadband Comparisions

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Ricky Williams tests positive AGAIN!

Unbelievable. This guy must be high 24 hours a day if he can't even quit for a few weeks so someone will pay him millions of dollars to suck. What a wasted talent. What is the league even doing for this guy? This is his FOURTH time testing positive for weed. Who does he think he is, Willie Nelson? You can't be a hippie until you retire dumbass. At least not now. You can't hang out in Bill Walton's teepee and hiding your spliffs in bic pens to fly around the country.

And what the hell is this?

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because of the confidential nature of the testing program.

Confidential? It's like my brother finds out a I smoked weed before and he is going to tell our mommy. Same damn thing happened at the draft with this stuff, but that wasn't even testing. These guys were supposed to have confidential conversations where they were asked if they ever used Marijuana. CONFIDENTIAL. Then an hour later some tool is off int he media tarnishing a guys' name and saying that he is a bad character guy. I am beginning to wonder if these reporters sleep in the jock strap laundry bin to get these stories, or NFL officials are drinking on the job all day with these loose lips.

History of Football Uniforms

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I can remember when I was in high school just a dozen years ago that we had some of the better uniforms in the area. I really think we were quite a ways ahead of the times with the look and feel of our uniforms. While almost everyone we played had those ugly scratchy pants, we looked like Notre Dame in our green and gold. Our pants were comfortable and made of breathable materials. Our jerseys were top of the line for the time, but not even close to what is available at this time.

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