Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pistons Finally Win a Game

While head coach Michael Curry is probably more concerned about leads for insurance to pay his family off after fans get a hold of him, today the Pistons got back Rip Hamilton. In doing so they also picked up a win after a 3 game losing streak.

While it is pretty unlikely that the Pistons miss the playoffs, it is pretty likely that they will end up as the 8th seed. You know the spot reserved for teams that wouldn't have finished in the top 15 in the west. A sub .500 season with no playoff hope. A owner dies, and a coach that may be the worst in decades. A trade for a super star that super sucks.

What a great year!

Tigers lose Robertson and Everett

Both Nate Robertson and Adam Everett were hurt this week in spring training games. Neither was hurt off the field playing with toyslike another relief pitcher that hasn't played for about 3 years.

Shortstop Adam Everett hobbled off the field after he sprained his left ankle while sliding into second base on the very first play of the afternoon. Then Nate Robertson was hit on his left (pitching) thumb by a throw from Danny Worth -- Everett’s replacement -- during an attempted double play.

Neither are expected to miss a lot of time and probably be back before the start of the season.

End of the season if these guys don't play IMO. Yeah I couldn't type that with a straight face ;).