Thursday, August 20, 2009

Man Washburn Sucks

Talk about a total letdown with this guy since getting to Detroit. We already have a guy that gives up 4-5 ERs in the rotation in Armando Galarraga. Did we really need another one?

Of course at the time I wasn't really upset with the trade, and actually liked it. Still do for that matter, but this tool better show some of what made him the quality start machine he was before he got here this year, or he definitely won't need any return of premium life insurance.

At least he didn't end up with he loss today as the Tigers came back from a 6-1 deficit to finally win the game in the 9th.

We'll see. This guy certainly has been a total scrub since winding up here with 1 decent start. OF course we all knew he was a scrub when we traded for him, but he was at least on a run, and Seattle's D isn't THAT much better than ours. Douchebag.