Saturday, January 12, 2008

Packers Rolling the Seahawks

The way the weather has been the last few days I didn't think anyone would be able to put up this many points. Especially at Lambeau of all places. In the 4th quarter with over 9 minutes left still and the Packers have already put up 42 points! It's snowing like crazy too. Thought this would be a pretty close game, but I guess Green Bay came to lay down the law today. Up by 22 against the washed up Alexander. Doubt anyone went out and got a computer rental for a game at the stadium this

Monday, January 07, 2008

Anyone Care About the BCS Championship Game?

I know I don't. Especially this year. I don't think either team deserves to be in the game. I can't make any sort of logical argument for LSU being there. I could see an argument for Ohio State, but certainly not LSU who basically jumped over teams that didn't even lose. In fact they jumped over teams that won their conference title games. I think most people out there think Georgia and USC are the best teams right now,b ut neither really deserved to be there based upon the seasons they had. Oklahoma got blown out although they got jobbed for this game. This game just has no appeal to me. I'd rather read about cerebral palsy at this point in the day.