Thursday, July 15, 2010

Armando Glarraga and Jim Joyce Present and Award Together At ESPYs

Armand o Galarraga pitched one of the best perfect games in history earlier this year. The problem was that it didn't count. He was forced to get 28 perfect outs because umpire Jim Joyce blew an obvious call for the final out of the game at 1st base.

The rage of many was substantial, and you couldn't help but feel sorry for Armando and his loss of a perfect game on such an awful call. If you have any heart at all you had to feel a little bit bad for Joyce as well. He was the umpire of the game the next night and came out to take the line up card with tears in his eyes. He has apologized hundreds of times, and Armando has been a class act about it all the way.

At least we got the win in this game right? Not nearly as bad as that screwjob against Atlanta a couple weeks ago where we had the bases loaded down 1 run when ball 4 was called a strike. It was almost a foot off the plate. grrrrr....makes me want to chug the most effective fat burners and rage.

Anyways, Joyce and Armando give out an award at the ESPY's together. It starts around the 4 minute mark.

Tigers Second Half Begins In Second Place

It isn't a shocker that the Tigers couldn't fend off the White Sox before the AS break. The Sux are the hottest team in baseball and erased an 8.5 game deficit to hop over both the Twins and the Tigers in the final game of the first half like weight loss products.

While the Tigers were playing well enough to put some space between the Twins, they were not even close to what the Sux had done. Winning at over a .900 WP% over the last 30 or so games going into the break.

Steve Kornacki of MLive talks about what they need to do going forward to win the division.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chicago White Sox Will Never Lose Another Game

First place for the Tigers is about as safe as a baby in a Tiger cage. While they ARE in first place, it won't be for long. The Chicago White Sox have won 21 of 26 and refuse to lose again. With 38 losses so far this year their final record is going to be 124-38 and they will win the division by at least 35 games.

Today, the Tigers are trying to pull off a rare sweep of the Minnesota Twins. A series in which the Twins came in with a taxed bullpen, Justin Mourneu sitting out with a concussion, and today no Joe Mauer who probalby is chilling out reading apidexin reviews. You think they have a chance?

Through 4 innings Carl Pavano, who owns the AL Central, and the Tigers in particular has a perfect game. The Tigers haven't even made tit look like he is going to be challenged. First place was nice, but it is over now.