Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Says Stafford Isn't Accurate?

Here's one for the Stafford lovers to rub in the faces of the Stafford haters. Potential #1 Overall pick in this year's NFL Draft for the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford appeared on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (You should really take the best appetite suppressant before watching this awful show) last week and took part in a bit of an exhibition.

Stafford was required to throw a football at flying plates. See for yourself how well he did :).

Stafford Football Skeet Shooting

Welcome to Detroit Matt ;).

Detroit Tigers Rick Porcello Get 1st Career MLB Win

Our next big time prospect earned his keep today against the Seattle Mariners as he won his first Major League game. Porcello pitched a very efficient 7 innings, only throwing 86 pitches, 56 of which were strikes, before he was taken out of the game enjoying a 5-1 lead. Porcello allowed just 1 earned run on 5 hits ann no walks. He struck out 3 as the Tigers won 8-2 and took the series 2-1 on the first of the west coast road trip.

The other pitching prospect up in the bigs for the Tigers Ryan Perry also saw action in relief. He had a bit of a shaky outing, however. Although he was not int he game when his run scored he made a crucial defensive error that allowed the inning to continue and was pulled right after. He had given up 1 hit, but had 2 outs. He got Ichiro to gorund out to 1st, but took his sweet time getting over to cover the bag and Ichiro beat him there prolonging the inning.

Another big game from Ramon Santiago. Santiago got the first RBI of the game on single in the 2nd. He added another RBI on a FC in the 4th. He was able to break the game open in the 8th with a 3 run double off the wall. HE finished 5 RBIs and has been on a tear since replacing the injured starting SS Adam Everett. He should have been starting since the season opened while Everett was enjoying stint with some other scrub team.