Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you suck, Play the Tigers

The Tigers just can't beat the basement dwellers. Team that cannot hit, cannot win, can sweep the Tigers. After losing half their games to the Inge's, and losing most of their games to lowly Seattle, the Tiggers have now been swept by last place Minnesota. We have two guys in the lineup on a daily basis hitting under .200. Everyone is slumping. Everyone. We have 2 pitchers that you can flip a coin 3 times and twice that coin will come up with BLOWN THE HELL OUT starts. This team is just awful so far. EVen with this awful team being awful they are still only about 3 games out of 1st. As long as they don't play the worst teams in the league they have a shot. Time to go looking in some real estate louisville for some new bats. Better yet give them all the pink ones for breast cancer awareness day until they decide they want to play.