Friday, December 28, 2007

Going to Lambeau For the Lions Game!

I haven't been to a Lions game in almost 10 years. Why? I told myself that I wouldn't go to another game until the team won 8 games in a season. Today I found out that I had the opportunity to go to a game at Lambeau Field for a game in Green Bay. Considering that tickets to Packer games are almost non-existent, and that you probably have to wait for someone to die to get into a game I decided I just had to go. I've never been there and it is one of the classic stadiums in all of sports. It is just something I have to do, even if the Lions piss me right off and provide me with more than one migraine every year.

Do not worry. I will definitely be carrying in a FIRE MILLEN sign. There is no way I'd go to a Lions game with out one at this point. Can't wait for Millen to draft about the 5th best QB in the 2nd round again this year and passing on the guy everyone knew he should take, only to see the guy make over 100 tackles in his rookie year. Yeah...I hate Stanton for more reasons than one. HE went to MSU for one, and that is enough. Harris went to Michigan and he was actually a need position. SCREW YOU MILLEN!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Roger Clemens is Great

Everyone knows he used HGH, beef roids, or whatever it is he used. Other players called out have admitted to it and said the report was true. Roger is going on 60 Minutes to say they are lies. Never really denied using HG now though did he? Just roids through his "lawyer". Regardless, of whether he did it or not the circus is wasting our time. Selig is a moron and should have never done the report. The report is a joke, and pretty much everything we could find on the internet ourselves already before it came out. They didn't name anyone we didn't know about already. When we thought we would get some sort of exterior lighting on the whol;e situation we just got rehashed BS from the media in a report.