Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Detroit Lions will have a top 2 pick again this year

If I understand this correctly I think they still have a shot at #1 overall once again if St. Louis can win their last game. It goes based on Strength of Schedule and the Lions for the most part already have #2 locked up if they lose next week, which we know is a certainty.I believe that they have a worse SOS than STL so if they win the Lions will be right back at the top with another untradable pick at #1.

Everyone is calling for the Rams to draft a QB at #1, and most assume that they won't draft Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska. This would leave the Lions with what many are calling the best defensive player in the draft.

While I wouldn't be upset if they took Suh, I think people really overrate the importance of a defensive tackle in the NFL for defenses to click. Not saying they aren't important, but they are nowhere near what a great pass rushing DE would bring, and unfortunately it appears that most draft geeks don't think there is one dominate enough to take at our pick. Same thing every year. We never get a shot at a monster DE when we are top 5.

Many people love Eric Berry as well at Safety, but there is very little chance we would take him. HE is the next Ed Reed by all accounts, but considering that we just got Louis Delmas in the 2nd last year, there ie little chance we take him. We are taking Suh and that is pretty much guaranteed if STL doesn't take him.