Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miguel Cabrera Made it Through Spring Training

Wonder how many of you thought that Miggy wasn't going to be able to keep it together much longer and just go overboard? appears he is at least going to be ready for the start of the season after his DUI a couple months back. So you don't have to worry about get rid of whiteheads due to stress of him not playing anytime soon.

He was close to MVP last year and I'm sure he will be right there again this year. Hopefully he at least decides not to party with rivals when it matters this year.

Opening Day Eve!

Sports hve been awful for a few months now for Detroit fans. That is of people that don't watch hockey and are disgusted with the Pistons and can't wait for them to get sold.

When the Pistons suck my first few months of the year for sports are rather lame. I don't care about other teams. I don't go to sneaker stores and pick up Lebron James shoes because I don't care about him. I am a homer through and through.

So when opening day happens I get pretty excited. Baseball may not be as exciting as the NFL, but I love to watch and listen to it on the radio. It's such an amazing experience to me to hear how detailed the play by play is as well as the random classic stories they tell with so much down time between pitches. Nothing says summer like baseball.

Our hometown Tigers are heading off to New York to play the Yankees for the opener this year. Good. get them out of the way before they can trade their entire minor leagues for a legit pitching staff. C.C. Sabathia will go against us, which isn't really a bad thing as we seem to have his number most of the time.


Reminder Why Letting the CPU Auto-draft Your Fantasy Team=Bad

This year I really had no interest in my fantasy team. Kind of growing out of fantasy sports I think, but this year especially I didn't want to research at all. In fact I got the idea that I cared so little I would just let the CPU at CBS auto-pick my entire draft without even ranking my players.

Just a note here.We keep 5 players a piece and I had Pujols, Braun, Ryan Zimmerman, R. Weeks, and A Gonzo as my 5 going in so I was pretty well off in that regard.

Anyways, pull up a chrome step stools and listen to my tale. I have played fantasy long enough to know what the trend was going to be by making this decision, but sometimes you need the reminder of just how awful that trend really is. First off we are in a category H2H league and we don't go by points. We have 20 categories and every category is worth a W/L so nothing is really a huge boost to go after categories like all the Roto leagues are set up, and basically how players are ranked for Roto and points leagues.

You know what the rends are. The CPU deems Saves and SBs as the most important categories there are. Closers are typically all ranked in the top 30 in the rankings. I assumed I'd get 4 pretty great ones, but alas I got Wilson, Bell, Uhera (?), and Sale (?) as my 4 RPs selected. Sale is ranked higher than almost all of the hitters on my team for some reason.

SBs was the main culprit of my draft. The CPU drafted 9, that's right 9 (1) players who are projected to steal more than 20 bases. The first player selected for me in the 6th round (first non-keeper round) was Ichiro. Not that I mind this. Why he got dropped in a 60 keeper league is surprising, but he hurts in a few categories in this league, although in H2H his plethora of hits in a season more than make up for his lower OPS numbers.

After that it was all downhill. I received Furcal, D. Span, Brian Roberts, Andres Torres, Shane Victorino, COCO CRISP, and some due with the last name Young (or some dude that got sent to the minors already). Number of these guys I am happy with. Brian Roberts. I would not have drafted one single player her e in this list if I had been there unless it was a last resort at SS, or something.

Rest of my hitter picks were Kurt Sukuki at C, Y. Molina, Mike Aviles.

At SP I didn't get one drafted until the 11th round...LOL It was Trevor Cahill. He was one of my 5 SPs that were drafted and include Daniel Hudson, Brett Myers, Colby Lewis, and Edwin Jackson.

So kids, it is apparent that the people who run fantasy websites have no ****ing idea what they are doing unless it is a ROTO league.