Monday, April 30, 2012

Brandon Inge is Finllay GONE!

We've waited over 10 years (!) for this to happen. It has been a never ending nightmare. A guy that seemingly has no skills with the bat has been on our team for over a decade making demands as to where he will play. Even going as far as acting as if he could take a job away from Miguel Cabrera. People loved the guy for some reason. Illitch must have the most. HE in my mind has always been a selfish player though. When asked to make a move that could possibly make his career go from terrible 3B hitter, he flat out refused. Asked directly by the GM Dave Dombrowski, and encouraged for the good of his career, to go back to being a catcher he flat out refused. But guess what? He got away with it! They kept him around for a good 5 more years. At the time we had no real catcher. We needed one badly. Inge said...oh no I'm too good for that. This was Brandon Inge to me. That and Mr. Check Swing and "The bane of our existence". I see articles saying fans are too hard on the guy. I laugh. This guy has played for the Tigers for over 10 YEARS. This is a phenomenal feat for a guy who is almost always ranked as the worst hitter at 3B in MLB. It's really a miracle he made it this long. Much less having years where he made over $5 million. So...if you learn anything from Brandon Inge...know this...ANYONE can make it.