Friday, October 22, 2010

Man, Detroit Sports Are Kind of "Meh" Right now

No hope for the Lions. No hope for the Pistons. I don't care about hockey. The Tigers are done, and the only news out of that clubhouse is that Brandon Inge has been re-signed to re-establish his Tiger For Life title.

If you don't like hockey what do you have? The Tigers are the only other team that even has a chance. We don't even have a superstar on the Pistons to watch every night. It's abysmal. We have T-Mac 5 years after he was good. We have 2 starting SGs that shouldn't be on the same team. We have no real center. Big Ben is about 40. Stuckey isn't a real PG.

The Lions have more penalties than points most likely. They have ONE win in Week 7.

What are we doing? Somebody get good please. I need it. It is my life's blood. I must have one of these teams win something worth a damn at all times. If I have to pretend I like hockey one more basketball season I will alli kick a hole in my TV.

Things to do on Bye Week

If you are a Lions fan "Bye Week" is usually a wake up call. You get to reflect on how dreadful the team is and watch other teams play. You quickly realize that your team is a bunch of clowns and the other NFL teams actually have a clue. It is usually the point where blind homers finally realize that the Lions are just a joke, and will remain one. acne treatment review

Here are the top 5 things to do on Bye Week:

1. Watch a real game.
2. Take the week off and pretend you have a family you WANT to spend time with.
3. Watch Replays of Stafford vs. Cleveland last season.
4. Watch Barry Sanders highlights.
5. Drink all day and forget about everything. Celebrate the Lions not losing.