Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still Reason to Watch the Tigers

Well only one in my opinion. Maybe 2. Maggs winning the AL batting title is the main reason to watch. Polanco getting 200 hits may be another. I suppose you could say that seeing Granderson hit .300 would be another one. Not much left after they were all but eliminated from the playoffs already. Watch the games and look for home based business opportunities. May as well find something to do when the season is over and you have all that extra free time.

Everyone has gone crazy

Seems like some pretty odd things have happened over the weekend in the world of sports. D'Angelo Hall of the Atlanta Falcons decided to lose it and put up 67 yards in penalties on one drive to help the Falcons lose the game. Apparently all he was worried about was beating the great Steve Smith in their one-on-one match up. He got a 37-yard pass interference call, and then got TWO more unsportsmanlike penalties on the drive. The last was on 4th down and cost the Falcons the ball back.

Then there is Milton Bradley. HE got ejected from a game after he was prodded a bit by an umpire. Yes, an umpire is supposedly being said to have heckled the guy and he went off. Tried to get to the umpire and beat him down, but his manager was able to restrain him. The oddest part was that Bradley injured his knee during the skirmish and is now out for the season. A huge blow for the team and their playoff aspirations. This guy needs some sort of colon cleanse or something.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

How about them Lions?

Talk about a crazy game. Thought it wouldn't get over until the Sunday night game was on. McNAbb decided he was going to play this week apparently. Westbrook was probably a lock to put up monster numbers against the Lions anyways. He's just the type of back that can destroy a Lions defense due to the fact that they couldn't guard against a RB screen if they were told about it before the snap.

How about Miami flat fee mls homes? Well they are great, and make the Lions look like scrubs.

save our homes