Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sports Gambling Virtual Money to Win Real Money

Nothing makes watching games you don't even care about more interesting than when you can have some sort of betting stake on it. Be it competing in some sort of streak game, or just plain betting cold hard cash on them.

What would you say if you had another option to bet on games using virtual cash that someone else gave you for free, you could be that money on games in competition with others, and if you are good enough you win REAL money? I think most people would say sign me up right? Of course they would.

Bet Against Me is just that type of service. In fact they hook you up with $10,000 in virtual cash and let you bet it on NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, college hoops and football, AFL, and even CFL games. All in a free sports betting forum.

What sets this place a part a bit from others who have tried it before is the depth at information they provide on the games you are looking to bet on. Not only do they have links on the betting page to injury reports, game logs, rosters, etc., but Bet Against Me has a lot more. One of the best looks at the upcoming game is the "Trends" pages. This gives you all the little tips on what this team is doing against the competition recently to give you an idea of whether they are moving int he right direction, and even give you some extra tools to find that upset. Add in the links to "Hot or Not", stats, and team reports, and you have a lot of information to make your decisions.

That's all well and good, but I'm sure you are more concerned with what you can actually win. Quite a bit actually, and quite often. The easiest is the Daily Prize. So you can forget to play everyday and still have a chance to win some cash when you do remember. A daily prize of $50 for the top winner for the day. There are also weekly winners as well. 3 spots and this week 1st is $500, 2nd is $200, and 3rd is $100. There is also a Grand Prize of $10,000 that is paid out on April 12 for the overall winner in the period. So check it out at and get started.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that if you refer a friend you get an extra $1,000 to play with.