Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lions Roster Looked Like the 4th Quarter of Preseason Against Packers

Man, what a brutal game. Lions came into the game losing about 75 games in a row to the packers and even more in Wisconsin. Then on top of it Stafford, Calvin, and half the D-Line was out. Culpepper after sucking more than a central vacuum motor pulled his hamstring in the middle of the 2nd quarter. That meant that the worst back up in the NFL, Drew Stanton was now the QB. His first pass of the game practically put Bryant Johnson in the hospital it was so bad.

After several more injuries the Lions refused to take advantage of the PAckers penalties that came every other play. Tackling was atrocious. Offense was laughable. They ended up getting shut out 26-0.

This might be worse than any game they played last year. It was a complete and utter disaster in every phase of the game.