Friday, August 03, 2012

Anibal Sanchez Gets First Win For Tigers

After a rather mediocre first start, Sanchez rebounded nicely behind big bats tonight for the Tigers in a 10-2 thrashing of the Indians. Sanchez went 6+ IP without allowing a run. HE was charged an ER after leaving a man on and being removed from the game in the 7th to end up with a line of 1 ER on 8 Hits with 5 KOs. Crowd gave him a standing ovation as he left the game in his first start at Comerica park as a Tiger. Hopefully he can be good enough where he will pull off his gucci glasses in the back of a convertible while celebrating during a World Series victory parade later on.

Andy Dirks Back in the Lineup at 6th

After a seemingly extended trip to the DL for Dirks, he is finally back in the lineup batting 6th tonight and in right field. Delmon gets the day off from the corner OF to rest by his corner fireplace. Dirks was having a spectacular start to the season this year and looking like a very nice fit in the 2 hole before getting injured. He was hitting around .330 when he went down and looking like he was having a breakout year. Then he he got hurt and we had to wait on anything to start working for a good month. Fortunately, we got a big spark from Quentin Berry who brought enough speed to make up for mediocre defense to get to balls he didn't read correctly. He also was a catalyst for big rallies for many of the games and just brought a fire to the team and speed which we sorely lacked. He's still in the 2 hole tonight. After takign over 1st place last week against the White Sox, the Tigers have been utterly pathetic. Losing 2 straight series and looking like they have mailed it in after getting nto 1st place. Hopefully Dirks can bring another spark back and get this team on track because I'm guessing they have to win at least 33-35 more games.