Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tigers Sweep Royals, Best Record in Baseball Last 41 Games

After finishing the 3 game sweep of the Royals, the Tigers continue to hold the best record in baseball over the last 40+ games going 28-13. Coming back from the dead they have picked up quite a few games over the last couple month and only train in the division by 5.5 games behind the White Sox.

Now it is time to decide if they are actually going to be buyers in the trade market. Many speculate that Edgar Renteria will be hiring moving services in the coming weeks as he has been horrid since joining the team at the beginning of the year.

Most believe that we could use another reliable starting pitcher. Armando Galaraga has filled in nicely for the Tigers this season, although he was not expected to be a big help. HE jsut finished off a perfect game bid that lasted into the 7th inning.

Zach Miner has been given the nod as the 5th starter for the time being. Miner has had his ups and downs this year in the bullpen. In fact he was probably responsible for more than half the bullpens runs allowed in the first month or two. He looked at home in this first start of the year by shutting down the Royals on Monday, however.

We can just wait and see. Dombrowski never shows his hand so we can only speculate at this point, and there really isn't a whole lot out there to grab onto. Jack Wilson's name popped up again, although there is no way we trade for that scrub. Can't believe his name is ever brought up actually. the guy is trash. Other than that there isn't a whole lot of news on the subject.

Monday, July 21, 2008

CBS Screwed our Fantasy Baseball Keeper LEague

We have been at CBS for 3 years now for our fantasy baseball keeper league and have had very small problems with things in the past, but the one we have this week is beyond forgiveness. Besides having to wait for car insurance ads to load and what not when you go to the site, it is clearly the best keeper format on the net.

Anyways, during the AS Break they decided to do some sort of maintenance project on the program. No warning of course, which Yahoo! DID give everyone. Not a huge deal, but what they did to our league is unforgivable, and it has yet to be fixed several days later.

Apparently they deleted EVERY single transaction we have made through out the year. By this I mean, everyone that is on your team now is the team they consider you having in Week 1. In fact it was even worse than that. Only the people you actually had in your starting line up last Monday was considered to be on your team all year. For me, I had benched my entire pitching staff on Sunday because in the head to head match up it made no sense to lay anyone. So...every single week of the season, and every head to head match up I had, my pitching stas are zeros all the way down.

Our standing are completely screwed up now. Take me for instance. I had no pitching stats for the year, so as you can imagine I am in last place by a very large margin. We have 20 categories in this league so you can guess that it shows me about 100 games out of 1st.

The biggest problem is that we are getting very close to our trade deadline. People who were on the cusp of the playoffs, and those out of it don't really know where they stand. Do you throw in the towel and play for next year, or do you try to push for a playoff run? Impossible to know with out knowing where you stand overall. IT isn't like I paid attention to my record overall week to week. All I cared about was if I was in the playoffs, or not.

Suffice to say, this pisses me off to no end. This happened to us in a football keeper league on there too a couple years ago. That situation wasn't as bad because it was early in the season, and football rosters are much easier to do than baseball as they are only done weekly.

It has been a week and no change. A few days I think we could ahve lived with, but at this point it is going on a week. Probably stopped about 10 people from making any trades as well, and basically screwed everyone out of a week of dealing before the trade deadline.