Friday, March 21, 2008

Hopeful Trade Scenario for Tigers and Cubs

Saw an article ion MLive today that mentioned a little trade rumor out there. A Tigers trade with the Cubs that could possibly bring in a real relief pitcher. A guy that actually has a positive history and stats to back it up.

The Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs have made a number of trades with one another over the past few years, and they may be working on another one, with the Tigers in the market for bullpen help and the Cubs looking for a right-handed bat.

March 21, Post-Bulletin: Chicago Cubs right-hander Michael Wuertz, an Austin native, has emerged as one of the Tigers' targets. Wuertz, 29, appeared in 73 games last year, with a 2-3 record and 3.48 ERA.

The Cubs have considered adding another right-handed hitter, and they are believed to have some interest in Brandon Inge and Marcus Thames. The San Francisco Giants have also asked about Inge.

With Rodney and Joel Zumaya out, the Tigers have continued trade talks with clubs that have surplus relief pitching.

I would trade away Thames in a heartbeat for this guy. It's our #9 hitter, part of the time. Inge I would probably trade as well even though we don't have a back up catcher. I hate Inge too much to care. Sign someone off the street to play once a week.

More on Weurtz:

Wuertz stranded 33 of 38 inherited runners (86.8 percent), second in the NL behind teammate Carlos Marmol (87.8 percent), while going 2-3 with a 3.48 ERA in 73 relief appearances. Wuertz is 12-6 with one save and a 3.56 ERA in 220 relief appearances since making his major league debut in 2004. Consider him in leagues that use true middle relievers.

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