Friday, September 21, 2007

Maggs no longer MVP candidate

With the way the Tigers have lost so much ground in the playoff race it appears that Maggs has virtually no shot at the MVP anymore. The team has packed their Samsonite bags and are ready for a long vacation. At least we still have the Lions cornbread to eat at least until this Sunday when they play the struggling Eagles and the race card playing Donavon McNabb. This is one of those games where a guy like Brian Westbrook can go crazy on the Lions. They are very suspect against the screen and Westy is a very good pass catching running back. Don't be surprised if he goes for 100 receiving, and 100 rushing yards against this defense.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tigers are done

Way to step up against the Indians boys. Didn't even have to facce Carmona and they still are ready to get their Callaway golf clubs out of the closet for the off season. The Tigers were leading late in both the first 2 games only to blow it late and end all their hopes for catching the Indians. The Yankees continued to win and may even overtake the Red Sox, but that doesn't help the Tigers who are in free fall in the Wild Card standings. Time to go after A-Rod now Illitch.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Who is the real MVP?

I'm pretty partial to having Magglio Ordonez the one who will be upgrading his cabinet hardware this season, but it appears that most think that the chump A-Rod of the Yankees is going to get the MVP award. Why? Only 2 numbers matter apparently to voters. Home Runs, and RBIs. A-Rod is going to pump out over 60 HRs this year and he is having an outstanding season, but what about Maggs? HE is very close in RBIS, and he is actually leading the lead in batting average. Isn't winning the batting crown a statement in itself for the award when he is producing just as many runs? The guy is hitting over .400 with runners in scoring position! A-Rod isn't even close. Maggs has over 50 doubles this year. The guy is playing out of his mind and is the reason the Tigers are actually still in it. Give it to him...of course the Tigers probably need to make the playoffs, but that may be coming too. He has to be a lock if it knocks the Yanks out in the process of them making it.

The Tiggers are still 2.5 back on the Yanks

Even after a series sweep of the Twinkies this weekend the Tigers haven't been able to gain much ground on the Yankees in the Wild Card race. They did pick up 1 game, but are still sitting at 2.5 games back with only a couple weeks left in the season. The Tigers engagement announcements for this week will be against the Cleveland Indians who lead them in the Divisional playoff race at 4.5 games. This 3 game series could be crucial to their playoff hopes. A sweep of the Indians would put them just 1.5 games back in the division and hope to just get in the playoffs the old fashioned way. Winning the division. The Tigers have won 8 of their last 10 and seem to be playing for their playoff lives now. Better late then never I guess. Here's to hoping they can make some ground up this week and get back to the Show.