Thursday, June 27, 2013

EMG Pickups

EMG pickups come in all types. From sounds for acoustic play to heavy metal with the JH James Hetfield versions. Giving you the deep clean and fat sound that you want to hear. The great emg pickups at guitar center include those by Hetfield in which his input made not just a new sound, but he wanted a new look as well. Others include those from Zakk Wilde and David Gilmore. If guys like this are using EMG pickups and even giving input on how to improve them there probably isn't much reason to go elsewhere.

Tigers lose 9th Sraight vs. Disappointing Angels

I can't stand the Angels.ever since that guy bunted on JV's perfect game I have hated them. Well before that I guess. I hate Jared Weaver. Hamilton is a gigantic bust so far, and even Pujols seems less likable since showing up there. Not to mention I'm so tired of hearing about Trout and how defense is so cool. IF Hamilton doesn't shape up he might be better at working with carpet cleaners huntersville nc than playing in the MLB. This dude is such a bust on my fantasy team I can't give him away.