Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tigers Re-Sign Todd Jones for 1-Year $7 Mil

I had to make sure that my nimh batteries were working when I read this earlier. I wasn't exactly "shocked" I guess because he has been one of the league's save leaders the last few years, but he has that nickname Roller Coaster for a reason. He scares the crap out of you every time he gets into the game.

At least we decided on what we were going to do about the closer situation and can focus our time on getting another starter. Haven't heard much about Kenny Rogers other than that Boras said he wants him to look around for a deal. He will also likely only sign a one year deal when he does, but this shows that his deal may be much more expensive. I really wouldn't mind having Kenny back for another year, and it isn't my money so I'd expect him to pull at least $12 Mil for another year.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ex-Tiger Craig Monroe Traded to Twins

So the old Craigster is back in the Tiger's division I see today. He was apparently traded back to them from the Cubbies for a player to be named later, which means basically they won't get crap back. Sometimes they can. Just depends on who is on the list. Bonderman was one of ours from that Weaver deal several year back. Looks like he isn't going to need to worry about having no use for his car covers since he is still up in the Great White North.

Ironically the Tigers picked up an ex-Twin this week as well in Jaque Jones who is a lefty scrub and OFer that we will probably use for about a month in left field to fill in on Thames days off, or outright cut him in spring training.