Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings...How Can I Watch Them All?

Long story short, I can't.

Main reason being is that with my Dish Network service in this area I don't even get half the stations that these games appear on. Vs., whatever the hell the local station from Detroit is that shows half the Pistons and Tigers games is, and well...I'm sure as hell not paying for NBA TV.

The television schedule for some of these games baffles me. Some nights none of these teams play, but during the playoffs it seems that they ALL play on the same day at the SAME time. Wake up TV execs. Michigan sports fans are die hards, and watch every damn sporting event for the major pro sports when they are on. Especially the playoffs. I'm not trekking to Detroit every other day so that I can watch these games. I'm also not going to go to the bar and risk getting liqoured up since I already pay out the ass for auto insurance although I could probably doing better with that link there.