Thursday, March 08, 2012


Contribution by Stevie Kirby

I had so much fun on Sunday watching the Oscars on my Satellite TV. Unfortunately, I had not seen half of the movies that were up for awards though! I was really surprised that the “Artist” racked up so many awards. I guess I haven’t seen it, and wish that I had seen it before it won all of the awards, but I am definitely planning on watching it soon! I heard that it was the first time since 1934 that a silent film has won best picture. That is a really long time! I just couldn’t believe that it had been that long! It is also the biggest award for a “foreign” film in categories outside the “foreign film” award group. “The Artisit” is a French movie. I have invited my friends to get together this weekend to watch it. I have already started making some very “French” pastries and desserts to be served. Of course, we are going to drink some good red wine! I will get a couple of good bottles, but I can guess that the rest of the evening we will be drinking box wine!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Raburn Hits 2 HRs today of the 9 the Tigers Hit

Good news for all of us who want Brandon Inge to never play again. OF course Inge picked up a couple doubles today too so he isn't completely forgotten yet. The battle for 2B certainly got helped by Raburn hitting 2 bombs though.

It's not like I would condone Inge winning this even if he did win the job. We've watched him for 10 years it feels like and we know he sucks. We also know that his defense is on a VERY steady decline, and him playing a new position isn't going to help. Inge would not be signed by another team if he were cut today I can guarantee you that. So why do people want him here? They are your grandma, or that tubby that thinks he is cute. That is no reason for him to get paid millions. HE could be a spokesman and write apidextra reviews maybe, but not play for our Tigers.

Oh Noes! Cabrera Made an Error! Season Over!

Other than signing Mr. Prince Fielder to a mammoth contract this off season, the next biggest talking point has been the move of Miguel Cabrera to 3rd base. Many have acted as if he will be so bad that we will lose 50 games from his defense alone. As I have already stated I am not worried about him at 3B whatsoever. Seeing the alternatives of Brandon Inge, or Don Kelly there everyday is abysmal, and if Miggy had an error every night I would probably still be happpy with it.

Of course, I click on MLive this evening and the first article I see is one about Cabrera having an error in a SPRING TRAINING game. Seriously...this is news apparently. Get ready for this all year. This is the kind of stuff of radio call-in idiots that you hear all the time though. Valverde doesn't blow a save all season last year and people that will talk about Miggy having an error are the same morons that would say they hate Valverde because he is "Wild", or allowed a few base runners and gave up a run. You can disregard this BS because these people don't know WTF they are talking about. They are more likely to be doing wedding photography raleigh nc and watching 2 games a year than knowing anything about baseball. I'd rather get a Silver Slugger at 3B than a Gold Glove any day.

Tigers Sign Chet Lemon's Son, Marcus Lemon

Been a long time since we saw Mr. Chet Lemon roaming the OF for the Tigers. Way back inthe immense Tigers Stadium with the mammoth LF roof and the flag pole in dead center. A classic stadium that made way for the modern Commerica Park.

The Tigers have signed utility player Marcus Lemon to a minor league contract, the Tigers confirmed Sunday.

Lemon, 23, is the son of former Major League outfielder Chet Lemon, who spent nine years with the Tigers as an outfielder, and was a member of the '84 World Series Champion Tigers.

Lemon spent last season in the Atlanta Braves organization, where he hit .254 with 21 RBIs and two homers in 339 at-bats between Single-A Lynchburg and Double-A Mississippi. HE's certainly not a major prospect, and it is unlikely he will become a major player anytime soon, but with a baseball pedigree you never know where things will go. He's not going to be putting the shoulder screw to anything and bringing much power but he may wind up as a decent utility player.