Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tigers Are in Serious Trouble

All the things the Tigers do wrong are the things that are costing them games. Not to mention the Giants basically getting every break from the baseball gods you can imagine and the umpires messing about with a horrid strike zone in game 2. (see charts below).

The Giants being an NL team with little power have an array of slap hitters and guys they can use to play small ball. Detroit on the other hand is a team that lives on extra base hits and can't do any of the little things right. They are terrible bunters, they can't steal bases, they play mediocre defense, they don't take enough pitches, strike out too much, and just plain make too many mistakes. Mistakes, that teams like the Giants live off of. The Giants play a more fundamental game and make use of what they have. They move runners over, make pitchers throw and throw and throw with an excess of foul offs. Guys like Verlander and MAx aren't exactly the greatest match ups for teams like this. They can't overpower most of these guys and K 15 like they could with teams that have more free swingers.

Coming home they go to Sanchez, who actually has faced the Giants twice already this season when he was pitching for the Marlins still. 7 IP with 1 ER @SF and 5.1 IP with 5 ER at home back in May. Tonight he's already down 2-0 in the second.

The Tigers bats are bad to put it mildly. Prince just GIDP to end a 1 out rally with men on 1st and 2nd. They got shut out in Game 2. They scored 3 meaningless runs in the 8-3 Game 1 loss. Their bats are cold. Have been for a month.

IF they Tigers win this series it will be a Motor City Miracle. Actually, it would be in San Fran. The crowd sounded dead even to open this game. You weren't going to break any bone anchored hearing aid siting in the stands to start this series at home that's for sure.