Saturday, May 17, 2008

Red Wings Trying to Make History

Yes. The Detroit Red Wings are trying to make some history this year int he Stanley Cup Playoffs. Not good history. I guess according to Gatorade commercials they are trying to become history.

Starting out the series against the Dallas Stars with a 3-0 series lead, the Red Wings have lost 2 straight and are struggling to put the puck in the net despite the shot discrepancy. Just like every year in the playoffs the Wings out shoot every team they play and they happen to find the hot goalie at the right time. Of course they shoot a lot of garbage shots that get counted into the totals trying to pick up some nice rebound goals, but nobody really notices that and tend to think they had the goalie of the year in net against them. They do hit tough goalies every year, but don't let the shot totals fool you all the time.

The bathroom lighting may be going out on the team again this year as they try not to be the team to lose a 3-0 lead and become their MLB counterpart the New York Yankees. The Evil Empire.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jason Maxiell Eats Babies

This may be my favorite video of all-time that relates to the Detroit Pistons. Jason Maxiell is our next generation of Big Ben Wallace. A guy that goes balls out every game and every chance he gets to play. Max logged over 1000 minutes this year for the first time and has just been a monster in spurts like Big Ben used to be when he was here. He shoots better from the field and the line, but that is besides the point :).

This video is an instant classic the first time you see it. Max probably needs plenty of lipovox if he is eating babies :(. The song is absolutely PERFECT.

Detroit Tigers Officially Suck

At least we still have the Pistons and Red Wings.

The Tigers today got swept for the second time this year by the perennial AL Central punching bag, the Kansas City Royals. A team that the Tigers should never lose a series to.

So the Tigers are sitting with a team ERA over 5 on the year. They also are the worst in the league in quality starts at 10. 6 innings allowing less than 3 ERs by a starter.

IT is starting to look like the MLB forcing these guys to go to drug rehab to kick their HGH and steroid problems is starting to show this year. Runs are down almost a half a run for the league. The Tigers in particular are hitting like a tee ball team that has never seen live pitch before. This with probably 6-7 former all-stars int he line up, not to mention a couple of Hall of Famers.

This team couldn't hit a breaking ball if their lives depended on it, and every team they play knows it. Boston showed them all with their gameplan, and KC had the same success with guys like Greinke throwing their magic balls at the hitters.

They had a players-only meeting today before the game and came out to get bounced again by the Royals. Nothing really to even comprehend about this tema anymore. These guys are playing for paychecks.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pistons Own Dwight Howard and Orlando

Once thing that is for certain is that the NBA, and the haircuts that talk about it love to pump up "Superstars" that probably don't deserve it. Dwight Howard is just one of those "superstars". A guy that became a huge name after his superman dunk at the all-star game was another of the "Next" guys. Don't even get me started about that perfect score 6 inch shot not even being a dunk...

Well...tDwight and his Orlando counter-parts are now packing their Zero Halliburton bags and heading to sunny shores, in well..I guess Florida. At least they live in a sun-shiney place. They have that going for them.

Howard got abused by the Pistons and showed that he just isn't the go to guy everyone made him out to be. Another "superstar" that choked in the clutch. Another one from Orlando.

Orlando likes to talk a lot of smack it seems in the playoffs over the Pistons. Go all the way back to 2004 when T-Mac and the MAgic had the Pistons on the ropes in the first round of the playoffs going up 3-1 in the series. McGrady decided to pipe up and say that "It is nive to be int eh second round..."...DOH! Pistons went on to win 3 straight and eliminate that team on their way to crushing the Lakers int he Finals for the franchise's 3rd title.

This time Jameer Nelson guaranteed a Game 5 win. DOH! Pistons outplayed them the entire night, and if it weren't for atrocious shooting by Detroit int he first half they would have won by 30.

Now that it is over the Magic are still talking smack. THEY were the ones that lost the game because of their own mistakes. NO credit to the Pistons for winning Games 4 and 5 with out their starting PG Chauncey Billups. When you lose 4 out of 5 games in a series there is no room for saying you are a better team. Logic is failing you at that point.

Please bring on the Celtics.

Sheed is gonna make KG look like SVG (Stan Van Gundy).