Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Want a Rematch

The game was the greatest in many years. The two teams traded touchdowns and it came down to just a few miscues to decide the outcome.

No one can honestly say that Michigan and Ohio State are not the best two teams in the country. Michigan proved they are probably the only team that can compete with OSU. Any other match up in the BCS Championship game would be laughable.

So we have one true contender undefeated along with a string of one loss teams that can get a shot at OSU for the title.

Let's see:

Michigan (Lost by 3 to the #1 team in the country on the road)
USC (Lost to a 7-4 Unranked Oregon St. team)
Florida (Lost to #11 LSU on the road by 10)
Notre Dame (THROTTLED at home by MICHIGAN)
Arkansas (THROTTLED by USC at HOME)

Based on just that information you have to decide who had the least embarrassing loss. It's pretty obvious. Michigan. Rematch should be a no-brainer if you want the best two teams in the country to play again.

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