Monday, November 06, 2006

Who's #2

I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but there has been a lot of talk out there about who should be #2 after the Michigan Ohio State game coming up on November 18. Like most I hadn't seen West Virginia until Thursday night when they faced Louisville. They were exposed as a fraud as Louisville took advantage of one of the worst defensive performances I have ever seen. Louisville really didn't look to great on defense either, but they did enough to win. Louisville was ranked at #5 going into the game while WVU was at a hearty #3.

WVU was picked by many to win the title this year based on their easy schedule with only Louisville as the bump in the road. Well Louisville proved to be the better team and embarrassed a worthless WVU defense.

So the question that has been going around recently is whether or not Louisville deserves to be #2 after the Michigan vs. OSU game. Many feel, as do I, that Louisville just isn't in the same class as the current #1 and #2 teams and that either would destroy them in the title game. Oh well, I'd love to see Louisville in the title game if Michigan takes down OSU. They would surely be huge favorites.

The championship game is going to be played on November 18th. We can all agree on that, but should the loser drop below #2 in the BCS? IT really depends on the voters for the most part. Both OSU and Michigan have a fairly big lead in the BCS ranks. OSU obviously has a better chance of staying top 2 with a loss since they are #1 right now. Michigan also has 2 quality wins in ND and Wisconsin that provide a very good cushion in the BCS total score. I believe voters will drop one of these 2 teams below the Top 2 of the BCS because most will not want to see back to back games played by these 2 schools even if they are the 2 best teams in the country.

Now we have Louisville who could be undefeated at this point. I really can't argue against a team that runs the table making the Championship game as long as they are in a decent conference. What is odd is that Rutgers is in the same conference and undefeated too, but is not even in the Top 10. Rutgers could play some spoiler this week by knocking off the undefeated Louisville Cardinals. If Louisville can finish undefeated I say they have to be #2 at the end, but it is just another reason the BCS sucks and that the Playoffs system would be better.

What the hell happens if Rutgers beats Louisville this week? They have no chance whatsoever to move up to #3 when they are currently at #13. They would also be undefeated and playing in the exact same conference as Louisville and WVU. WVU is even still ranked ahead of them at #10. What is the problem here? Just because it is Rutgers? If my reasoning was that if Louisville ran the table and was in a decent conference they should have a right to play in the BCS Championship game, why is it that Rutgers who is in the same conference should be treated any different? That folks is what you call a quandary and a huge black eye for the BCS.

Now do I believe that either of those 2 teams are better than teams like Florida, Texas, Notre Dame, etc.? Not at all. Unfortunately the computers believe that Louisville undefeated is better than those teams while Rutgers undefeated is not. They are in the same conference. I guess they will be able to show it on the field this week. Damn I hope Rutgers wins.

Playoffs. Playoffs. Playoffs. We need them. This is another year that will feature most likely a deserved undefeated team in the BCS Championship game and possibly a one loss team. The BCS system is said that it will pick who is the best team to make that game, but clearly a Louisville team would not be that team. If Louisville is and they lose to Rutgers this week Rutgers will not be in the same position. Why? They are clearly better than Louisville who is clearly better than all the other top one loss teams. The BCS is crap.


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