Monday, December 04, 2006

I actually rooted for Notre Dame....

The Fightin' Irish! I rooted for them when they played USC for the love of Michigan. I am sick just thinking about it now. What's worse is that the Lions are probably going to draft Brady Quinn now too.

This has been a pretty disappointing year for Michigan sports I think. Sure most fans would be happy to see a team get to the World Series, one in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, have their colleg football team in a major BCS Bow, and get to root for a team to lose as many games as possible in the NFL so they can get the #1 draft pick and possibly see the GM get fired.

Not me. Too many close, but no cigars this year.

Can't really hate on the Tigers. No one expected them to even have a .500 record. It was a dream season really. Still hurt to lose when you thought they were the better team. That's why they play the games they tell me from St. Louis.

The Pistons? They dominated the entire league all season and get bounced by the worst NBA Champion of all time. I can safely say that the Miami Heat was a Stern Title. No way should Fatione Walker, White Chocolate, The Mitten, and Kidney Mourning be allowed to win an NBA title. It is a disgrace and a shame. That team singlehandedly ruined my love of basketball for the time being.

Now this? Michigan getting jobbed for no other reason than no one wants to see a rematch? Oh no...we can't see the best 2 teams play again. That would not make everyone happy. I was under the impression that the BCS was there to get the 2 best teams int he title game. Apparently that is not the case. Great work NCAA.

It seems sports makes me more angry than happy these days. Dwayne "Baby jesus" Wade was named the SI Sportsman of the Year. Mr. Doubtful himself. HE has every nagging injury in the book according to him and yet he still goes out and wins Academy Awards for flopping. If he kicked you in the nuts in front of a cop he would get 2 free throws out of the deal and you would get a night in the clink.

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