Thursday, August 07, 2008

Detroit Tigers are Surely Finished Now

Losing 6 straight and at the hands of teams they need to beat to contend for a spot, the Detroit Tigers have been pathetic. The trade of Pudge to the Yankees for RP Kyle Farnsworth-less has come and gone, but Farnz has been a huge disappointments thus far. HE has blown 2 games straight out of the gate. Coming in wwith a lead and giving up detrimental HRs to give up the lead late in the game. Yes...he has been no better than the rest of our crappy late inning fireballers.

The Tigers can't beat anyone. The bullpen is costing a game every single night. Leyland has given Rodney, Fransworth, and Zumaya too long of a leash and they continue to disappoint. These guys can just chill out in their hammock chair and not worry a bit about losing their jobs.

Who misses Todd Jones? I do.

It is to the point where I am calling for Bobby seay to get a shot at closing duties. Only he, Lopez, and Dolsi have any confidence from me in the late innings with any sort of pressure.

Yes...the season is pretty much over. We have too many holes, and too many losers on this team to come out of this funk now.

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