Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lions Didn't Sign Cedric Benson, For Now

Yesterday it was reported that the Detroit Lions had signed ex-Bear running back Cedric Benson for some odd reason. While they should be bringing in QBs to replace Kitna the idea that they were looking at washed up, and never have been RBs this week was laughable. Especially since they just signed Rudi Johnson days before the season.

Apparently someone just had their head up their ass. Although it wouldn't surprise me that the Lions would sign a guy that never amounted to anything after being a 1st round draft pick, it made no sense. Benson was busted twice last year for alcohol related incidents. Once driving a boat while intoxicated, and a few months later driving a car intoxicated. I real class act. A guy you definitely want to make sure you have your Canon Powershot on hand for in case you run into him. Surely you want a picture with this man.

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