Saturday, November 08, 2008

Culpepper to start Apparently

Everywhere I look it appears that newly signed (Monday) QB, Daunte Culpepper is going to get the start Sunday for the Lions. Dan Orlovsky is out due to injury, and the Lions coaching staff must still believe that Drew Stanton is going to "embarrass" himself if he steps onto the field.

Culpepeer was signed for a pittance for an NFL QB of about $350K to play this year, but if he is kept for next year he will be due about $5 Million.

So...the Lions will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars who look to be in serious trouble this week. They are coming off a loss to the other winless team in the NFL, the Cincinnati Bungles. The Lions are 6.5 point underdogs going into the game. This may be their best chance to win a game the rest of the way.

Of course the coaching staff that makes decisions as if they have all been repeatedly hit on the head with a paella pan tend to think that a guy with a few days practice is the way to go to try and get that win. Culpepper has not gone through training camp this year, and has literally not played since last season.

On top of all Dom Raiola has an injury that may force him to snap the ball with the OPPOSITE hand if he is to play.

Of course i would never bet on the Lions to win or lose because they are as brutal to your wallet when you bet for or against them as they are to watch when you are a fan. If I were going to bet I would likely still bet against them considering the new QB and the pathetic team that is the Lions no matter how bad off the Jags are. They will run the ball down our throats. Guaranteed.

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