Monday, December 15, 2008

Detroit Lions Go to 0-14, Bengals win 2nd game, #1 Pick Secure

2 more games to be the first to 0-16!

Looks like none of us will be looking for travel deals for the playoffs, although I am heading to Green Bay the last week to take in the record game. Bad feeling about New Orleans next week, but the Cincinnati Bengals win Sunday was the nail in the coffin for getting the worst record and the #1 pick.

Still...we want it all. The coveted 0-16 trophy. We could win the last 2 and be fighting it out with Oakland and Seattle for the #1 pick, but it is highly unlikely.

Wonder what sign I should bring to the Packer game this year. Can't go with the reliable "Fire Millen" anymore so I have to come up with something new. Any ideas?

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