Friday, December 26, 2008

Detroit Lions Looking to Go 0-16 First This Sunday!

I'm not sure even Detroit Lions die-hards can hope for anything but an embarrassing loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers this Sunday to go 0-16. If they do they are better fans than I am. For some reason many of them believe that they don't want their team associated with the ridiculous 0-16 moniker, but realistically this franchise is so bad that 0-16 is just the logical next step. IF something is ever going to change 0-16 HAS to be what does it. Doesn't it? DOESN'T IT!?

The Lions are a running joke amongst all NFL fans, and it is no surprise that many are just looking for this record to be set. Hell...Jim Rome is very vocal about wanting to see it claiming that seeing a team go 0-16 is a "dream of his". Between giving away electronics, and talking to rednecks I find it hard that he even has time to watch sports, but I digress.

Also, if you haven't heard this joke yet you may as well add it to your Lions jokes list:

A teacher is asking her students what each of there fathers did for a living one day in class.

Little Mikey said his daddy was a lawyer. Little Suzie said that her dad was a doctor. Little Ricky said his daddy was a policeman.

When it was Little Johnny;s turn he said something that really troubled his teacher. Little Johnny said that his dad was a dancer at the all-male strip club and that sometimes to make extra cash his dad would pleasure other men in the alley behind the club to make extra money.

The teacher decided to let it go for the moment but to be sure to ask Little Johnny about it after class. After school,the teacher sees Little Johnny and asks him if his dad really did do that for a living. Little Johnny said "No, I'm just ashamed of my dad's real job." When asked by his teacher what his father does,Little Johnny put his head down and said "He plays for the Detroit Lions"

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