Monday, February 09, 2009

A-Rod to Join Barry Bonds as Cheater

Unless you have half a brain I suppose you could probably just assume that every player in Major League Baseball has used some sort of steroid at some point in their careers. At least all of the ones that are great. Apparently there must have been a steroid dispenser in every locker room before a couple years ago because Alex Rodriguez has been busted as well according to reports of his failed drug tests a few years ago.

Let' snot focus on the guys that do use them though. Let's try and think of the only 2-3 players in the league that DON'T use them. I believe that at least 2 of them play for the Tigers, although one of them I wouldn't be surprised to learn they did.

First is Adam Everett. There is NO WAY this guy has used roids. He can't hit a lick, and you would need a 100 MPH wind behind one of his fly balls to see it sail out of the park. Maybe a few weight loss pills here and there, but roids? I sure hope not. It is like Alex Sanchez getting busted.

The other guy has to be Brandon Inge. This guy I have doubts about though. As little as he makes contact with the ball he still hits a fair number of HRs. He even hit 27 back in 2006 so he might just be on the juice. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn't use them.

Anyone else? Off the top of my head I'd say no.

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