Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mayock says Lions Should Take Monroe

Mike Mayock, the draft analyst for the NFL Network thinks the Lions should take Eugene Monroe, OT from Virginia. Monroe has been overshadowed in the post season hype by a few guys. Jason Smith came up and stole the show at the combine, although I have always believed he in no way fit what the Lions are trying to do, nor is he really even deserving of the talk around him. He may not even be on of the best 3 OTs in this draft.

HE says he prefers him over Smith as well because he has the "best feet of any tackle in the draft".

While most Lions fans are eating edible plants to forget about last year, most agree on one thing: They are scared to take Stafford. Monroe has always been my pick as the OT to take this high after Andre Smith blew it at the combine. To me it only comes down to Monroe and Stafford. Curry lovers can forget about him. IT woudl make zero sense to take the guy #1 overall.

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