Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Euphoria to Blah: Stafford and Calvin to Miss Turkey Day Game

After being witness to The Legend of Matthew Stafford being born on Sunday, we are treated like Lions fans. Just like every time we see something good happen to the franchise we get rewarded by something bad. This time it is the squashing of the excitement surrounding our rookie QB.

As I'm sure you know after reading my article on The Legend himself, we couldn't get anymore excited about the Lions than we have been this week. Being a Lions fan, and having something positive to roll with never last long though. People are already talking about taking our Thanksgiving Day game away again even after our amazing victory Sunday. That's not the bad part though. Both Matt Stafford and our freak WR Calvin Johnson are expected to miss the Thanksgiving Day game.

Oh joy. another year, another Turkey Day of the Lions getting destroyed. At least when we have those 2 guys the Lions are interesting to watch. Won't be the case this year. May as well spend your time shopping for home insurance, or maybe you can spend some quality time with your family. You certainly won't want to be watching the Lions after half time.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get a Thanksgiving Day miracle?

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