Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daunte Culpepper Starting Sunday

When you thought that you were to the point of not wanting to even watch the Lions anymore this year at all, even if Stafford was playing, it gets worse.

We are all pretty confident that the liklihood of another win this year is highly unlikely. So the only reason to watch was to see the rookie QB, and our other rookie draft picks play. Stafford has been hurt for about 4 weeks now and will finally miss a game because of it. He should have missed last week regardless. Brandon Pettigrew is out for the season already, our other first round pick.

So...what's to watch? Not much. We can watch Delmas, Lavy, and Sammy Lee Hill basically. Other than that there is little to nothing to care about. Thankfully, the Lions defense is so bad at getting the ball back, that we will get to see plenty of them the rest of the way.

As for Culpepper, I thought he should have started Week 1, but at this point I don't want to see him either. He still sucks. Let him run like a fullback or something I guess and throw pop flies every down. Don't want to see any short dump offs from the guy. Go deep every play and let the best fat burners on the team try and make a play. Go for it on 4th down inside your own 20. Who cares. Lose by 90.

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