Friday, March 12, 2010

Maggs hit 2nd Spring HR this week

Note: Yes everyone knows it is spring training, and that this means little to nothing. Maggs has had his share of people saying he has absolutely no power left, so at least it is a good sign he is seeing the ball well early.

Anyways, what we want to see from Maggs this year is the traditional high average in the middle of the line up, but we also want to see him driving the ball a bit more this year. It is said that he has a clear head after the health of his wife has improved, and that he had a hard time with it last year. This seems to be an ongoing thing with him, and we have heard about his personal life having an impact on his performance at the plate. You can agree.disagree with it, but it probably does at least have SOME impact.

We are paying him a ton of money so we need to get a good year from the man. It appears there is a chance that he could reach his bonuses for next year too so hopefully he is on fire this year because we may have him for 2 more years. Hopefully we get a full year out of him, and he isn't collecting disability insurance with Guillen like he will be half the year.

In other news, Austin Jackson continues to hit well in the spring. He also hit a HR the same day as Maggs, and continues to keep his average around .500 and see the ball well by getting a few walks.

Now...only if we can get our 3-4-5 starting pitchers set and give us a real chance. We need a miracle comeback from Bondo, and one of the other guys this year to have any chance.

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