Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Well...Suh and McCoy Had Nice Combines

I think we can assume for the most part that the Lions are going to draft one of these 2 guys at this point. Even though drafting a defensive Tackle 2nd overall is insanely moronic.

Suh is bigger, and lifts more weights. McCoy is supposed to be a better DT for a 4-3 defense which we have, although Suh played 4-3 in most videos I have seen.

I guess I don't even care. If we don't trade out of the #2 pick we lose either way. Suh needs to be a pro bowler 8 years in a row for me to be on board. I have spent more time looking at auto insurance quotes than watching the combine this year though so hopefully when I get a chance I will see someone else I like and know that the Lions won't draft them. I don't want to be happy with the pick at all do I?

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