Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tigers might be good. That is if they had MLB players.

So far thsi year our top 4 guys ahve been awesome. Austin Jackson, Damon, MAggs, and Miggy. Guillen was OK before he got hurt, and no Boesch is killing it.

So...what of the rest of the scrubs? Look no further than 2 minutes ago in this Tigers/Red Sox game.

Maggs leads off with a HR to put them within 1. Cabrera draws a walk. Boesh hits a single, and than Inge who is hitting under .130 in May finally gets a hit to score Miggy and put Boesch on third.

There are no outs and they fail to score that run from third to take the lead. In fact they didn't even make it look like trying. Laird, Santiago, and Everett just came up and hit the ball about as hard as my sister after she has overdosed on diet pills for 6 months and weighs 9 pounds. Santiago actually pinch hit for SIZEMORE. The only one of these 3 hitting over .200 this year.

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