Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Way to Go Pistons! Winning Meaningless Game Gets #7 Pick

I'm sure most of you didn't even think about the NBA Draft Lottery. I know I don't talk about the Pistons much anymore, but I still follow them religiously. The NBA is just so infuriating to me now since the Miami Heat won the title and my team sucks donkely balls. was exciting to watch us have a shot at the top of the draft. I got more and more excited as it went from 15 to 10, 9, 8...then thud at 7. The Washington Wizards ended up at #1 and they lost ONE more game than the the Pistons did. So close...yet so far away from the top. At least this draft has about 10 guys you would be happy with. Maybe we can get a true stud for once. Maybe we get another foreigner stiff. Maybe we suck for 10 more years. Maybe I buy some wii accessories and play with my wii.

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