Thursday, July 15, 2010

Armando Glarraga and Jim Joyce Present and Award Together At ESPYs

Armand o Galarraga pitched one of the best perfect games in history earlier this year. The problem was that it didn't count. He was forced to get 28 perfect outs because umpire Jim Joyce blew an obvious call for the final out of the game at 1st base.

The rage of many was substantial, and you couldn't help but feel sorry for Armando and his loss of a perfect game on such an awful call. If you have any heart at all you had to feel a little bit bad for Joyce as well. He was the umpire of the game the next night and came out to take the line up card with tears in his eyes. He has apologized hundreds of times, and Armando has been a class act about it all the way.

At least we got the win in this game right? Not nearly as bad as that screwjob against Atlanta a couple weeks ago where we had the bases loaded down 1 run when ball 4 was called a strike. It was almost a foot off the plate. grrrrr....makes me want to chug the most effective fat burners and rage.

Anyways, Joyce and Armando give out an award at the ESPY's together. It starts around the 4 minute mark.

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